No crunch core workout with dumbells. The exercises are actually quite good ones. Finally, people are starting to understand weight lifting. – this was a great workout, but I didnt really feel the abs aspect. My arms and thighs were burning, but my core was rarer untouched by anything but the planking. 🙁 great workout, not what I was looking for or expected by the description.

Total Body Dumbbell Workout Follow Christine for a total body workout that will have you crying for mercy! Youll need a set of weights (5-10 pounds) and a mat. Do this routine 3 times a week on non-consecutive days. Make sure to stretch on rest days. As you get stronger, increase the reps. (35 mins)

Fitwirr Dumbbell Workout Poster: 19X27 Dumbbell Exercises Poster – Home, Gym Weight Lifting Routine – Fitness Program for Women – Tone Tighten Your Abs, Legs, Butt Upper-Body – A Guide to Sculpting a Better Body with Free Weights Resistance